Project Chimera

Welcome to “Project Chimera” a resource for creature design inspiration!

I often find myself drawing the same things. I have a limited inventory of plants and animals that I can draw by memory, and I wanted to change that. I’ve made a list of animals, insects, plants, flowers, marine life, etc. Simply pick 3-4 things from the list and try to create a creature or plant life. I highly encourage that you print out the list (PDF here), cut them up, and draw by random!

This list is just a start, but I hope that it can be an interesting way for you to challenge yourself and try drawing something new. There is no due dates, no medium restrictions; just have fun with it! Maybe it’ll make that ever present artist block less annoying.

If you choose to use this list, please add the #SHKprojectChimera, and make sure to note all the animals and/or plants that you used. I’d love to see what you all come up with, and it’ll be amazing to have a visual catalog of all the different creatures and plant forms made through this list.

Good Luck!

Chimera No. 01

Chimera No. 01